Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SERRV Summer Look Book

Fair trade clothing can be fun & fashionable.  Here's a quick look at the Summer Look Book we photographed for SERRV.
Thank you to our stylist, Kirsten Earley, hair & makeup artist, Vanexa Yang, & models from The Rock Agency. Art direction & styling Kirsten Earley & Chris Hynes

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Josh Rossi's interview featuring yours truly!

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Josh Rossi this month for his popular pod cast, "Full Time Photographer".  I think it's the perfect title for his series because he is a commercial and advertising photographer himself and has found the time to interview other pros in the industry.  I have found myself checking back through the interviews he has done with a wide range of photographers to hear the inspirational stories. I hope the interview I did with him is inspiring to others:

I encourage everyone who thinks they are ready to make the jump to a professional career in photography to check out Josh's podcast. The link above takes you to his home page and you can find the Full Time Photographer series available on iTunes.